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Then, Again

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Then, Again is about first loves vs. best loves. Lifelong bffs. Grief and the dumb decisions we make when we’re in the heart of it. Coming of age as a teen, then figuring it all out again in adulthood. Available Nov. 12, 2024 by Lake Union Publishing.
Now available for pre-sale

Meet Jaclyn

Jaclyn Youhana Garver is an author, poet, and journalist. Her first novel, Then, Again, is available for pre-sale and will come out Nov. 12, 2024, from Lake Union Publishing. Jaclyn is represented by Savannah Brooks

of kt literary agency.


In her contemporary fiction, Jaclyn explores the nuances of grief, love, family, and friendship. Her story “The Butterfly Catcher” appeared in From Beyond Press’s The World Belongs To Us: An Anthology of Horror Stories About Bugs in 2023. Her first poetry collection, the chapbook The Men I Never:, was published in 2023 from Chicago’s dancing girl press. She received an honorable mention in Writers Digest’s 90th Annual Writing Competition in 2021 in non-rhyming poetry for the piece “I Never Caught His Name”; and two in its 2022 competition, for “I Let the Mosquito Bite Me When I Held You” and “A Secret Letter for K.” She has been on the board of directors for the Midwest Writers Workshop since January 2023.

Jaclyn worked for daily newspapers for eight years and in community college marketing for five. Her current and previous freelance clients include Cincinnati Magazine,, Harper College, Orange Coast College, Visit Fort Wayne, and Graphics Output. She’s also the communication and DEI manager for the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations (NCMPR), the country’s premier professional organization for community college marketers. Her duties include producing Can You Make It Pretty?, NCMPR’s podcast; writing emails, blog posts, scripts and more; managing the organization’s three social media platforms; media relations; and helping plan NCMPR’s national conference for 300+ attendees.


This World Belongs to Us

This World Belongs to Us: An Anthology of Horror Stories About Bugs includes Jaclyn’s story “The Butterfly Catcher.” It is available through From Beyond Press.

The Men I Never:

Jaclyn’s first book, The Men I Never:, is a collection of love poems published by dancing girl press in Chicago.

“The record / of the storyteller, the sound of the night, is me and my greedy memory.”

“And, Oh, We Knew We Were Endless”



“I Like to Think God’s Telephone Cord is Obnoxiously Long”

glo magazine

Page 29, April 2023

“Maybe She’s Born With It” and “This Was My Alarm This Morning”

The Coop: A Poetry Cooperative

Jan. 23, 2023

“The God in the Girls”

The Oakland Review

Page 27, Spring 2021



March 12, 2021

“Bone Marrow’s Spongy

and Daddy Don’t Lie” 

Prometheus Dreaming

December 2020

“A College Girl Makes Wardrobe Decisions Based on the Possibility of a Random TSA Screening” 

Superstition Review blog

Nov. 29, 2020

“This Six-Stringed Horizon Boogie”

Poets Reading the News

Oct. 14, 2020

“And, Oh, We Knew

We Were Endless”

Narrow Road

August 2020

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